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Call the tip line: 1-855-FRAUD-MB

Report Investment Fraud, or Provide a Tip

Even if you are not considering an investment, or haven’t given your money to a person selling the investment, take the time to bring any suspicious activity to our attention. Your report or tip may save a friend, family member, or someone in your community from falling victim to a scam artist.

Tell us what happened

Tell us about the investment opportunity and why you think it is a scam.

Tell us who's involved

Provide the names of those involved and tell us what you know about them. Tell us as much as you can (e.g. where they work, are they affiliated with a group, what is their age, phone number, or address).

+ Add another name/group

Tell us about yourself

The success of an investigation often depends on locating individuals with personal knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing. If we can rely on your help, please provide your contact information.

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