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Learn About Investment Fraud

Investment fraud can happen to anyone, even the financially savvy. In fact, the most common victims are educated and successful people. The more you know about what investment fraud looks and sounds like, the better prepared you’ll be to protect yourself from theft. Find out more:


Not sure how the latest scam works? These Infographics help explain some of the more difficult to understand frauds and the emerging tech trends they are often connected to. We encourage you to share with friends and family to help educate and protect the people you care about.

Common Scams

Scam artists often use the same schemes again and again. Familiarize yourself with the most common scams.

Case Studies

Fraud can happen to anyone. Read real life stories about how everyday people lost their money to scam artists.

Fraud Facts

Investment fraud is more common than you might think. Read 7 quick facts about fraud in Canada.

Red Flags of Investment Fraud

Investment Fraud is easy to spot when you know what to look for. Watch for these warning signs.

The Enforcement Process

When it has been reported, we can often stop scam artists before they take your money. Find out how to report fraud when you see it.